Sunday, February 22, 2015

Re- organizing, again

Ok, I realize it's been a while. Almost a month. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about how I needed a break from everything, but now I feel I'm back with more energy. I don't think I'll blog every day, but whenever I have something fun to post, I'll do it. 

The last week I did what I have been playing with in my mind for a while. I decided I rather want work space than a living room. I want to sit by the big windows and be inspired by the light. I kept the TV and the sofa, but replaced the table with something smaller. Now I don't have a clue how to define what used to be my craft room, but I'm very happy with the new studio space. I have one table for sewing and one for scrapbooking, drawing and printing. I also bought just another school desk. I guess I just have to admit I'm addicted to old school furniture. Now Trym and I are out, heading for the woods, it's so sunny and lovely. 
Hope your Sunday is pretty too!



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