Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stryken station, water tower quest

Well, we did want to see the water tower today, didn't we? And who where we to let the weather stop us? But seriously.... It's been clear and springlike for days now, not cold at all, when I drove home yesterday night the roads where bare and safe, but when we woke up was snowing so much! We could have stayed at home like normal people, but I have two weekends full of hockey in front of me, today was our only chance. So off we went. Our little car took us safe and slow to Stryken (driving fast was impossible, and could have ends up fatal, sigh*) . 

Stryken is a railway station about 45 minutes north of Oslo. It's very rural there, just a few houses, and it was opened in 1917. Since long ago the station facilities were closed down, and now very few trains stops. The modernistic station house was build in 1937 and is very well preserved. The real gem though is the water tower. It's the only one left on this railway (Gjøvikbanen) and is protected by cultural heritage laws. Architect Paul Due drew it, around 1900 and it was so worth the trip, though the pictures really didn't turn out that well. I brought my DSLR and Trym was holding a plastic bag over me while photographing, but the best pic still came out of my phone. Thank you Hipstamatic. We were dragging our snowy feet along the snowy tracks (after passing through a snowy forest, climbing a snowy fence), and in the end, we were so snowy our car almost got stuck when we tried to get out of the parking lot. I didn't buy a shovel yet, but I will now! I drove home in my spare trainers that I always keep in the car, after abandoning my wet boots and socks in the back seat. At least I had some useful extra gear, BUT the trip was amazing and fun, the water tower was beautiful, the station was quiet, white and resting in a special mood, and I know we are going back. I'm a railway groupie, have been from quite a young age. 

Sorry about the photos, it was the best I could do. And ps...when we got back to Oslo, the snow stopped falling. The sky turned blue, the sun was shining. Just sayin'.....




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