Friday, January 2, 2015

Sewing together

Today I've been sewing with my friends. Before christmas we started making a snugglebuggle for the kid, but didn't have time to finish it. This was the day. Now I realize I forgot to photograph the finished product, but at least you can see a picture of Kristin with snugglebuggle-in-the-making below. I had several smaller project, Lion is coming together, but I forgot my glue dots at home, so he doesn't have a face yet. But soon, very soon!

Someone is not very interested:)

Lion was of course suffering from construction weaknesses, as I'm no engineer and never plans ahead very sharp, I make a drawing and the I just cut and sew. Even if I had stuffed Lion's body with a heavy amount of sand, he kept falling forwards. I had to add some really heavy legs (more sand!) and now he's finally stable. He got a tail too! 

I also made a sleeve for my drawing tablet, as the one who came with it was black and boring, and not really a sleeve, just a protection thing made of that kind of fabric that acts more like paper... I also made a small pouch. The blue fabric is from Stoff & Still, the flowery one from Frau Tulpe (Berlin). 

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