Friday, January 23, 2015

Saturday morning

Yesterday was all traveling and hockey, and hockey continues today, but I'm in Bergen, one of my favourite cities, so my mojo is really good! Our hotel room is on the 7th floor, on the corner, with fab view. (Hotel Ørnen, very nice)

So far I've noticed the following: 
1. It's been constantly dark, windy and rainy since we arrived. All normal. 
2. Neon sign of old Forum cinema is switched off. 
3. The cafe "Bien" is looking as lovely as ever. 
4. The stunningly beautiful glass art at the entrance of the big college next to Danmarks plass is preserved, though they have build something new and huge next to it. 
5. I really want a stroll out today, pray for better weather! (Hope to have som pics to post in the evening) 

My Mac is at home, so I'm blogging form my phone. Wish us luck today!!

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