Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oslove - the new exhibition!

Finally, Oslo Museum's new, permanent exhibition on Oslo's history, Oslove - Oslo for beginners, opened! The so talented and inspirational and clever and nice staff at the museum have worked so hard for this for so long and finally, finally the day had come. The old exhibition opened in 1985, so it's been 30 years... It was about time! Here's just a few photos from the opening, I strongly recommend you to go and see it, it will show you how Oslo has changed during the years, and you will get to know the people who lived here. 

The opening today was wonderful, big crowd (I even had so speak, as my boss was in bed with the flu), Frogner hovedgård was at it's pretties bathing in snow and light, and Lars Lillo Stenberg gave maybe the best version of "Suser avgårde" I have heard, and I have seen deLillos live several times. There's something about the intimate atmosphere....

And btw, Oslo's mayor Fabian Stang was exceptionally live and kicking today, he do have a natural talent for entertainment:) 

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