Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Forest waters

Another regular feature on my blog this year will be photos from the adventures of Trym and Tove. Last weekend we went to Ulsrudvannet and Lutvann, in the suburb forests outside downtown Oslo. Both waters where frozen beyond amazing, they were frozen in layers and you could see the bubbles like you were beyond the sea, except that you were walking on top of it. Lutvann was different, there the ice was all see-through, so scary and fascinating at the same time. It was all safe though, at least 15 cm thick, and everything on the bottom of the lake was visible. Ice crisp clear, sharp and shiny, on Ulsrudvannet - black and shiny too. People where skating all over. We didn't know about the good conditions and didn't bring ours, but it was still fabulous. Do you have a winter adventure? 

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