Thursday, December 25, 2014

Out driving....

We had a very nice christmas eve yesterday. Today was equally lazy, we had a delicious breakfast with the family, but then we just had to head out, as the weather was smashing, with blue sky and sparkling sun and snow. We drove to Trollvann and walked to Linderudkollen, so pretty, love walking in the winter forest. We didn't make it to the top of the largest snow jumping hill, but next time! (It was too many people up there already ha ha) Instead we checked out the second largest hill, which seemed totally abandoned, poor thing, and the K39 hill, that was very cute. The view was magnificent, and the sun was setting... awwwww! 

At Trollvann the Hipstamatic filters went a little too crazy, but I have to show these photos, as they are all I have. Of course my phone died from the cold, but it was expected. Where are we heading tomorrow? Hopefully somewhere:):) (and I got a pink polariod Fujix mini from Trym for christmas!)

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