Monday, December 29, 2014

Magnificent Oslo

Oslo is one-of-a-kind. 15 minutes (or sometimes even less) in the car, and you are in the middle of the forest, or by the sea, all by yourself. What other semi-big capital can match that? Trym and I went to Movatn yesterday, it was seriously beautiful, though I forgot my long SLR lens I still managed to catch some of the awww-ness. In the end, the sun even managed to break through a little. We're having a lovely holiday. Having a car makes it so much easier getting around. We also went to have a look at the sort of abandoned railway station Sandermosen nearby. It's not abandoned in the right sense, as there are people living there and also happenings, concerts and art projects, but the train doesn't stop anymore, it's been ditched by NSB (Norwegian Railway). Very cool place, will share photos and more info very soon. 

Today Trym and I are relaxing, I will draw and write and eat veggies and mango (my christmas candy came to an end yesterday, and I guess that's ok lol) It's very white and frosty outside in our garden, and the snow is sprinkling from the branches. Downtown Oslo is fun, but I will never live there again, I need to be surrounded by nature. How about you? 

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