Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holiday doings

There's still one week left of our holiday and I'm really enjoying long, lazy days doing exactly what I feel like, especially things I don't find the time for during stressful everyday life. Ok, I don't want to be stressed, I choose that myself, and I make an effort not to be, I don't want to end up in a rut like last year, where I had to force myself to be creative again. These days I'm wrapped up in drawing, crocheting, paper, writing and reading inspirational stuff. I've started next years diary, to sum up what I want to fill the year with. (I will make a post about both that, and the year that went by). My journal is on the pic above, it's made by illustrator Julia Rothman. I also work a lot in Illustrator, trying to gain new skills and make pretty things. Now, Trym is still asleep, I'll play some till he wakes up, then we're out on a trip in the woods later. Will bring my camera. What's your holiday doings? 


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