Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20th: Scrapbooking fun

Yesterday I started my christmas holiday, and I kicked it off with finishing my first scrapbooking project in ages - October and November in my album. I really like the format, 6x8'', and I'm not scrapbooking every photo, just a selection of the things I want to remember the most. I also try not to dwell too long with every page, "good enough" is the mantra in my head, the overall feeling is the most important for me. (If I don't think like that, I'll never be satisfied, and never be able to finish anything lol). The plan was to fit December into this album as well, so I can start fresh in January, but I don't think it's possible, the album is already too full....

I've started the album with a written page, as there's not much room for journaling on the pages later. I also start each month with an intro page, to set the mood. I use different materials for pages, this is an apple paper bag. I don't glue pics on every page either, sometimes I just love the pattern so much I want it to stand out on it's own. 

I haven't written about all materials, I'm not really in control, but if you wonder about something special, just ask. My favorite brands are Studio Calico, Cosmo Cricket, Sassafras and October Afternoon, and lots of my materials are from their design. These letter are My Mind's Eye though. I've had them for ages, and couldn't get myself to use them, as I found them so pretty, but now was the time. One of my new scrapbooking goals are to not save my supplies for years, but instead use them while they're still fresh and I'm really excited about them. 

So...I'm about to start December. I've printed some photos, but...what to do? I don't know. Will keep you posted! 

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