Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17th: Why am I not in Stockholm??????

It's almost a tradition for me to spend some december days in my favorite city. But this year....I'm not traveling, I spend all my money on the car lol, and I thought it would be ok, because I love the car, and Trym and I are driving around and I'm so happy, but.... I'm not in Stockholm! I had no idea I would miss the special december feeling so much. I mean, it's cold, so I'm freezing to death and my phone is dying when I'm trying to take photos. It's dark by four o'clock, and I have to figure out something clever to do when I can't walk around looking at architecture anymore. The neon sign I'm planning to look at, doesn't light up at all, they've seen better days. The bike rental is closed for the season. Drottninggatan is too crowded and shopping is impossible, BUT Liljeholmsbadet is open, the cinema neon is glowing, the small cafes at Söder are cozier than ever, the hallways at Östermalm is lit so I can look through the doors and die from the beauty of roofs and doors. The suburbs are bathing in a special crisp winter light, and there might even be some snow on the dry grass. Here's some photos from last years trip. I'm thinking of going in January. Or February.... I'm really addicted to that city, I mean, I was there in June, but...not enough! Enjoy the photos:)

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