Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14th: Artist collective open doors

Yesterday Trym and I went to Bøler (a suburb of Oslo) to take some photos, and we ended up in the artist collective houses, who opened up their homes in an annual christmas market. You can not only see the houses, who are exquisite 50ies architecture, very well preserved, you can also speak with the artists, buy art, relax in the cafe, make you own tin soldiers and generally enjoy creative life. It was our first time, and it was just a lucky coincidence that we ended up there at the exact right day, but now that we've been there, it's definitely something we'll do every year. I will write a separate post about the artist collectives history later, as it's really a special part of Oslo. Here's some photos from yesterday: 

Hilde Rognskog, an artist who uses all kinds of leftover in her art. Fascinating! 

A woodcut by Bernhard Berbom, carved on a kitchen board, some time in the 60ies. 

Marianne Bobergs lovely home, atelier and art. 

The colors are like candy and works so well against the dark wood. 

Kåre Bondesen, one of the first artists to move into Trolltun, as the houses are called, welcomes us with Santa! 

The cafe, with lovely living room. So special that people are opening their homes to random strangers. 

The kids (and others) are having hot dogs! 

In the atelier of artist Arild Yttri, who does copperplate engravings. Amazingly beautiful and detailed work. His son was handing out gløgg, and I really, really wanted to buy something. I didn't.... sigh. 

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