Tuesday, December 30, 2014

365 coming to an end

All through 2014 I have photographed and posted one photo a day on Instagram. I started it for lots of reasons, but mainly because I wanted to force myself to be inspirational, for myself and others, and push myself to not just sit there, but start being creative again. It worked, as I started to read my favorite magazines again, surf the internet for fun projects, I woke up again, so to say. I had moved into a state of hibernation, mainly I think caused by lots of work, and I let myself get wrapped up without even thinking about it. Now I'm aware that I should take time to do all the fun things. It's been a very good year. I will make a small summary tomorrow, but here's a little look back on my 365. I don't just only Instagram my photos, I also print them and stick them in my journal. Now I can look back on everything that happened. Precious! 

I'm not starting another 365 in 2015, but I have something else planned. Stay tuned. 

363/365...yesterday's pic, only two days left. 

Some collages from earlier this year. 

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