Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter is coming

 I found these lovely photos at Oslobilder! (You know, I'm a figure skating über...)  I haven't seen them before and we don't know their names, but the pictures are taken around 1920, by our famous photographer Anders Beer Wilse, who's contribution to documenting Norway in photos are impossible to value. Next year it's 150 years since his birth, and there will be celebrations and an exhibition. You can follow it on Facebook too, here

More figure skating, not from Wilse, but from Ludviw Szacinski, who run one of Kristianias (Oslo) most popular photographic studios from 1869-1894. He even became the official royal photograph. Here's Karen Andrea (Kalla) Eriksen Szacinski (below) and a man above just referred to as "Eriksen". Her brother? Husband? We don't know. Both photos taken 1914.

A group of friends gathered at Frognerkilen in 1909. Look at the hats, aren't they precious? 

A young girl is practicing in February 1934. (Photo by Herman Christian Neupert)

And of course, the queen, Sonja Henie, 1934. Maybe we'll have some winter here too....there's white powder on the green grass. There's hope! I'm longing to skate outdoors....

(Photo courtesy of Oslo Museum, Norsk Folkemuseum and Norsk Teknisk Museum)

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