Friday, November 28, 2014

Soon December

This week has been so hard. I've been so tired and worn out every day, it started already Monday morning, not exactly a swell start to a new work week. I can't really tell why either, I've just had no energy and I didn't go swimming or did gymnastics like I should have to feel better, darn.... Hockey practice yesterday wasn't really sparkling, but I did go swimming finally this morning. Now I'm dying from tiredness. I fell asleep and I think I just could have slept all round till tomorrow morning, but seriously... I can''t waist a Friday night. I'm off to Trym later, but right now...zzzzzzzzz Oh my. Again, I don't know why this week has been so particularly hard. I will try to get my act together. Yesterday I got Trym's advent calendar ready. It started off with an IKEA bag and some paper (IKEA too, foxes!!!!) 

So sorry about the bad picture quality. November is not any good to us indoor photographers. Now I will organize some photos I printed yesterday, a good sit-still activity. Have a good, good Friday evening everyone. xoxox

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