Saturday, November 1, 2014

Living room

Today I finally managed to get some decent photos at home. I wanted to share my new chair, and some more on the sewing machine. 

I also worked my way through all my newest magazines, Flow and Mollie Makes, in order to get control of all the wonderful pull-out papers and illustrations. Some are most definitely going on my wall. 

I also moved my white blanket back into the sofa, and cleaned up the pillow galore. I bought some new fabrics at Stoff go Still, and will make more pillows, instead of the ones that are circulating. I need some change.... The mushroom pillow I made some years ago. Mrs Wolf is relaxing. 

I've also uploaded photos of some more shopping, will share tomorrow. Now I'm just relaxing, Trym and I had lots of noodles, cabbage and sweet potatoes. Have a lovely Saturday evening! xoxo

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