Sunday, November 30, 2014

Photos? No, not really...

Ok, I promised you more photos, but when I tried to photograph my advent decorations, the photos just turned out so bad... No hope! (And it also looks a little strange since I have all this summer-like flowers everywhere haha. Oh well....) 

Will be back stronger tomorrow! This was from my phone.  Xoxoxo 

Christmas party...

...with my hockey team. First christmas tree of the season. We danced and my team won both the quiz and the beepong. Great fun:):) Today the stars goes up in my windows, we will light candles and relax some (I've already been to hockey practice this morning) (!) I'm actually a bit excited about December after all, wasn't sure I was going to be... Will post some more photos tonight, when I've decorated some. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter is coming

 I found these lovely photos at Oslobilder! (You know, I'm a figure skating über...)  I haven't seen them before and we don't know their names, but the pictures are taken around 1920, by our famous photographer Anders Beer Wilse, who's contribution to documenting Norway in photos are impossible to value. Next year it's 150 years since his birth, and there will be celebrations and an exhibition. You can follow it on Facebook too, here

More figure skating, not from Wilse, but from Ludviw Szacinski, who run one of Kristianias (Oslo) most popular photographic studios from 1869-1894. He even became the official royal photograph. Here's Karen Andrea (Kalla) Eriksen Szacinski (below) and a man above just referred to as "Eriksen". Her brother? Husband? We don't know. Both photos taken 1914.

A group of friends gathered at Frognerkilen in 1909. Look at the hats, aren't they precious? 

A young girl is practicing in February 1934. (Photo by Herman Christian Neupert)

And of course, the queen, Sonja Henie, 1934. Maybe we'll have some winter here too....there's white powder on the green grass. There's hope! I'm longing to skate outdoors....

(Photo courtesy of Oslo Museum, Norsk Folkemuseum and Norsk Teknisk Museum)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Soon December

This week has been so hard. I've been so tired and worn out every day, it started already Monday morning, not exactly a swell start to a new work week. I can't really tell why either, I've just had no energy and I didn't go swimming or did gymnastics like I should have to feel better, darn.... Hockey practice yesterday wasn't really sparkling, but I did go swimming finally this morning. Now I'm dying from tiredness. I fell asleep and I think I just could have slept all round till tomorrow morning, but seriously... I can''t waist a Friday night. I'm off to Trym later, but right now...zzzzzzzzz Oh my. Again, I don't know why this week has been so particularly hard. I will try to get my act together. Yesterday I got Trym's advent calendar ready. It started off with an IKEA bag and some paper (IKEA too, foxes!!!!) 

So sorry about the bad picture quality. November is not any good to us indoor photographers. Now I will organize some photos I printed yesterday, a good sit-still activity. Have a good, good Friday evening everyone. xoxox

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Idrettshøyskolen/College of sport, November

Fabolous photo weather, fabulous frost. Filter is Hipstamatic Vincent+Rijks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everyday life

You know I'm way into my November depression (oh yes ha ha), but on Saturday the sun finally came out, and I could snap some photos around the house. I'm preparing some blog posts, but I don't know when they'll come, at the moment I feel (and maybe you've noticed too), that everything, including the blog, is sort of "on hold". I want to share lots of fun stuff, but I want to save them for January and the new year, to start fresh with new ideas. Now, life is just a big, grey yawn anyway (lol lol and even more lol, I'm sooooo complaining, when of course I really have nothing to complain about:D) Anyway, November is not my favorite month, as you might have guessed, so now I'm just confusing around, waiting for something, but I'm not really sure what it is. I'm not the biggest christmas junkie, so I don't really get a kick out of the fact that December is coming very soon, like everybody else.... I decided I should get a grip, I had a lovely trip outdoors again, taking photos, will share them tomorrow, but today, some tour around my flat again. Of course, you have seen it before, but I got some new baskets (found them in the trash!), my blanket is coming together, and I've got one more tomato going red. I've ate one, one is coming, one is still green. That's all. Tomato love* I've been organizing, organizing and even more organizing today, and I also got a big, big boost from my friend, who has been reading some of the things I'm writing, and really, really liked it. Good, good feeling, and it gave me energy. Now I've made a healthy pizza. Waiting for my man, will watch some QI and slack. Tomorrow, sun again? See you!! xoxo