Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yesterday in pictures

Yesterday was soooooo long. I thought I should photograph through it, to keep me going, but at the end I was too tired and forgot all about it ha ha:D But I started off well, though yellow, in the bathroom. A little frozen, I put my scarf on. The time is about 06.00....

Almost all my make-up are Bodyshop. I don't go anywhere without make-up, I'm too vain, my eyelids are so light, so I look really old without mascara. I also try to my oh-so-straight hair a little volume and flair. Sometimes I'm good at it....

So, off to work. Here's my bus. And below, the City of Oslo's Cultural Heritage Management Office! It's actually an old brewery. Fab!

My desk was SO messy, but I cleaned it up before starting doing something really useful. I'm all preparing for our big happening tomorrow - a city walk and the launch of our digital map of Kvadraturen (Oslo's historic city centre) in 1814, hence - the laptop. We're desperately trying to make the technique go smooth. 

Breakfast. I'm a bit food-fed up these days. Chocolate milk is all that sparkles at the moment. 

My bag. My chair, and some lovely pamphlets. They will go into our library. 

Yes, chocolate milk, I heart you!!!!!

Working with Adobe InDesign, to make some press info for tomorrow. Can you spot the ancient Oslo map? 

A trip to the city archives, our nearest neighbor, to talk more about technique and lap-tops. The have a beautiful exhibition with old celebration cards from the 50ies in their lobby. 

Back to the office. Yes, I do love my work! 

On the bus, on my way to Oslo Museum (The city museum of Oslo) in the afternoon. So crowded! And my bag was so heavy....

Sagene. This poster actually gave you free candy. All you had to do was press the black button. At first it didn't work. Then I realized a service guy at the back, trying to fix it. You can see his car behind the poster. Then, out the goodies came. Yummi!

Frogner plass. United Bakeries has closed down, instead we got Espresso House. Blah!!!!

The Vigeland park. Ain't it exceptionally beautiful? I love fall!

Finally at Oslo Museum. Here's a poster for their exhibition about modernism in Oslo - and that's my photo! I worked at the museum for this project, and it was awesome, I love making exhibitions, I hope I'll be able to do a similar project some time again. 

I was actually at the museum to help out on a quiz. But I forgot to photograph the quiz ha ha, then I had to run to make it to hockey practice. But I forgot to photograph the hockey practice too. Maybe that's a good sign. I was focused. We drove my car back and forth, I got to practice in the rain, and in the dark, it felt good. Got home so late. zzzzzzzz And tomorrow I have no idea how our city walk will turn out. I don't know if I'll be able to update the blog, but I hope so. Will keep you posted. Wish me luck!

The Oslo tram. Is there anything better? xoxo

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