Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Willow sculptures by Tom Hare

I've been silent for two days, there's been too much on my mind. Yesterday I finally got my drivers license. It's been so stressful, a long, long story, and I can't really write too much about it right now, it's too exhausting, I can just say that it feels very surreal, that I'm very, very, very, very happy, and that Trym and I had the most wonderful ride yesterday evening, all dark, listening to Dire Straits in the car. 

Instead of posting endless photo of driving and writing even more about it, I want to share something really happy and inspirational. Actually this was one of the highlights of last summer for me: the willow sculptures by Tom Hare. The are placed on and about in the botanical garden of Oslo, and I cannot express how much I love them. Just can't. Tom Hare has made several willow sculptures around the world, you can find his website here

I'm so lucky, I can experience Tom Hare's magical work in the middle of my hometown. Have you seen them? Which one is your favorite? 

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