Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What books are on my table?

I'm such a book lover. I really want to buy books all the time, I heart the feel and smell of paper, reading is one of my favorite leasers, but of course, I can't buy books all the time. I would be ruined before the end of the year. But I do buy the books I really, really want. I shop at flea markets. I buy books when I travel, and I get books as gifts. I always have a pile of books somewhere in my living room, waiting to be read, waiting to find it's place in some shelf. At the moment, it's a lovely mix of old and new. It feels really good sharing it:)

In 2014 is celebrating the 100th years anniversary of Tove Janssons birth. She's truly one of the most magical artists and writers ever. I had no idea she illustrated Alice in Wonderland, but she did, and what drawings. I can't recommend it enough. I got it for my birthday from my sweet friend Maria, thank you so much!

The retro book is an Evi Bøgenæs novel from 1961, "Tina i det røde huset". Evi Bøgnæs is well known to thousands and thousands of Norwegian girls. She wrote teenage novels, but they are very good and her production was large. A bit of romance, a bit of grief, a bit of joy. Perfect!

A different guide to Tokyo, (Citi 60 Tokyo with museums, shops and the places you don't find elsewhere. I bought it in a huge bookstore in Bruxelles, but I guess you can get it around the world. Trym and I are traveling to Japan, but not until 2016 I think, so we have plenty of time to plan. The flowery notebook are from Accesorize. I use it to write down my french language practicing. 

"Hjemmet vårt" (Our home) retro homes, of course perfect for me. Birthday gift from Trym's mum. The book about nature is also a precious flea market find. Print year 1956. 

More Japan. Lonely Planet is always a favorite. 

More flea market. I also learned a little german, and here's a pictorial dictionary in four languages. Fab! And of course, who doesn't want to read about the little german train who saves the day? 

Jenny Skavlan's re-design books are very inspiring. The Bruxelles book holds so many architectural treasures from the biggest buildings to the smallest details, I think I have to devote a separate post to it later. It's full of patterns and colors, very inspiring. 

I tried not to shop that much in Bruxelles. Trying to keep my suitcase light. Yeah, right. That was until I found "Abandoned places Japan". I can't get enough. Just can't. This book will also be presented later. I simply just have to!

Last but not least, a book I already own in Norwegian, that has been a favorite since I was a little girl. Richard Scarry is too much fun. Maybe I can learn even more french....

Books, nothing better! I feel my stack says a lot about me. Japan, french, sewing, retro, architecture.... In a few weeks, the stack may look different, it's organic lol. Of course I also read novels, but at the moment I'm a little off, there's been too much on my mind. Will write about some of my novel faves later. What's your favorite books? 

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