Thursday, October 16, 2014

Illustrations in the making....

I promised you these yesterday, but then it snowed, and I took photos....;) 

I cannot hide the fact that I'll never grow tired of bright, 70ies apples and fruit. Also, I cannot say that they're completely done, no, they're not, the pink one needs more composition work and the yellow one is still just a pattern, but I wanted to share anyway, as it can be useful to see work in progress. I was asked a question on Instagram about how to find your style as an illustrator, and I can't say I'm there yet, and I can't really call myself an illustrator, but I love to draw and I do a lot of graphic design at work, so I'm planning a blog post on the subject. It could be interesting to hear you thoughts too. What's your style? What defines a style? 

I work both with pencil and with Adobe Illustrator, often the pencil drawing goes into my computer, but not all the time. Nothing beats the pencil feeling, but nothing beats digital work either. I think I love both equally. 

Later today I'll show off part I of my craft room, as it's now finally done. I'm in the big chair right now, with all the lights turned on, I love being in here, it's very, very cosy. 

See you later, hope your Friday will be beautiful! 

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