Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today's meringues!!!

I did upload photos of my shopping, but they have to wait until tomorrow, because here's todays batch of meringues - for the first time we mixed all the colors together and what an explosion! I can't say how much I loved it, and Vilde and Mathias did too. What a fab baking team we are! 

The recipe for meringues is really simple:

7 egg whites
5 dl sugar
A few drops of vanilla essence

Blend everything together. Boil water and put the bowl with the ingredients into the hot water until the sugar melts. Blend everything in your food processor on maximum speed for 7 minutes. 

I wrote about the coloring process in an older post here

Use a spoon and place the meringues on baking trays. If you have a stove with hot air (what is it called in English?) you can bake several trays at ones. 100 degrees, 1 hour. Turn off the stove and let the meringues cool for as long as you like, you can leave them in there until the next morning if you feel like it. 

Art school or kitchen? Same thing, really! 

I really can't get enough. And of course, they have to be photographed!

Yes, it's so yummi. Sooooo yummi!!

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