Saturday, October 11, 2014

This morning....

This morning was so beautiful. Cloudy sunny, and this beauty and her daughter outside our window. Just a piece of glass separated us. Clear and crisp air. I'm so divided these days. It's like I don't know myself, I'm two persons. I wonder how others see me, and it all comes down to one special thing, that everybody but I master without any problems. I will write more about it later, sorry for not going all the way now, but the last few days I've been thinking a lot and this quiet morning emphasized it. Trym left for the cottage an hour ago to take down some trees and store our boat for the winter, he'll be back tomorrow and I get some time to think in the meantime, which is both good and bad. Thankfully I'll meet up with really good friends both today and tomorrow, I need to talk. I don't know how I can convince myself that I'm really strong, also in the department I need to be strong in, but I'll try to pretend. Other parts of my life is brilliant and happy, I don't want to sound all gloomy, but.... Here's some fall pictures. Will blog more tonight xoxo

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