Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some projects

I feel much better today! Thank you everybody who's listening and sending me such nice messages:) And of course, nothing did wonders more than chatting with Trym late yesterday evening by the kitchen table, drinking chocolate milk. 

Today my energy is back and I'm making plans for my living room. Finishing my pillow yesterday also made me re-think another project, that started out as a napkin/tablecloth (from Arne & Carlos' book "Knit and crochet garden"), but then I loved the flowers so much I decided to make a blanket. Of course it was madness, since I have another everlasting blanket project going on already, and now I wonder if I should just make a laaaaaarge pillow instead. I don't know what pattern or color to place underneath my crocheting yet, but a pillow is definitely more doable than a blanket. Just a few more....

I also have this lamp that is starting to look really sad. I'm planning to refresh it, maybe with yarn in bright colors. I have to read a little bit about how-to first, but it's most definitely time. I mean, were did the red go???

I'm also drawing some. This has gone into Illustrator today, though the sketch is not really finished yet. It doesn't matter. I like to work ad hoc. I have two other digi files I will share tomorrow. Nothing finished, still it does make me happy. What makes you happy this afternoon? 

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