Friday, October 10, 2014

Relaxing Friday

Happy weekend everybody! I got home late yesterday, after an exhausting, but very successful and fun event. All my photos are on my job camera, but I posted them on our FB page here. Now I can calm down, I don't have coordinate any more lap-tops, guides (btw I love our guides for the tour, they are the best, maybe I'll write a post about them later), candy, lanterns, flowers, speeches, projectors, politicians...and the weather, who was hell most of the day, but cleared before we kicked off, and stayed beautiful all evening, until I got home. Then it started raining so heavy, thunderbolt and lighting, that still continued when I left for swimming this morning. But during the crucial hours, weather was perfect. Ha! I'm such a lucky girl! After a long day yesterday I left work a little earlier today and found Mollie Makes in the mail. Heart you! 

I also picked up some clothes, from my favorite mail order. Will show you tomorrow!
There's a kitty sweater!!!!

On my way home I also dropped by H&M to get another scarf. I bought the grey one some days ago....and I love it. It's SO SOFT, and biiiiiig, I'm crazy about scarfs. I had a gift card, and there was no better way to spend it. The other day I also realized the water melon is still sweet. At least some water melons. Water melons in one special store. This one in the photo. I got me some more today. I crave water melon. Thought the season had ended. Really optimistic for the future now. Water melon is maybe the only thing that can stop med from eating candy. And I need that. Too much candy lately. Yum and no, at the same time...

Now I'm just taking it really easy. Here's a peak in my fridge. The savoy cabbage (at least that's what we call it in Norwegian) is my favorite. I roast it with olive oil, some salt and sliced apple. You can also add ginger. Totally tasty. 

I'm also slowly coming together after the windows were replaced. I only hung one curtain for real, that's in the living room, in the bed room the curtain is still attached with scotch.... No curtain in the kitchen yet, and I'm unsure if it's ever coming back. I instead got the hook back up, with all my kitchen crocheting. Don't know what to do with the rest of the flat. I really don't want curtains in my craft room or by the balcony door, I cherish the light to much, but I'm afraid the sun will kill my posters and pictures. Must think of something clever. 

Tomorrow I'm making meringues with the worlds best kids. After that, some driving. 

Enjoy Friday!

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