Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rainy Saturday

It's raining today, and for some reason Trym and I have no energy, we're just chillin' soooooo ha ha and keep telling each other how really, exceptionally hard it is to live and exist;D I love fooling around with him and passing out in the chair under a blanket and complaining about life in the most silly way, especially when my blanket is pink, I have no make up on and is accompanied by a large bottle of orange juice. 

Yesterday I was at my friend's place, celebrating her birthday at a cosy party. We had taco and cake, yummi, and today Trym and I are going to a confirmation later (is that the word for it???) That means we have to dress up and look presentable, and I have no idea how that's going to happen rofl rofl and more rofl, but it also means food, and cake again. I suspect we'll live it through;) 

I'm brighting up this rainy day with some highlights from the last days. I bought a new basket for my crocheting, I always search the flea markets for baskets and this time I was lucky. 

These lovely postcards were given to me as a surprise gift from a colleague. I was soooo happy, aren't they just precious? You can get them at IKEA. 

The wooden Scrabble pieces I borrowed from a friend. I plan to use them for some fun photos, it just hasn't happened yet. I hope my friend doesn't feel the urge to play Scrabble any time soon...

Yesterday Trym came home with these stylish wallpaper samples for me. The one in the middle is of course Marimekko, and to the right Pip Studio from Eifinger. The one to the left I'm not sure of, but pretty it is. Maxbo Alnabru store them. (Ha ha I can't believe I'm doing promo for Maxbo Alnabru in my blog:D Rofl again)

This is the unfinished wall in my craft room. It looks really dull, especially with this lighting. I've now started its recovery process. Will share when it's done. 

That was it. Now I will continue doing nothing, something I'm really good at at the moment. My Mac is my friend. I think I will write some... 
Have a good, good Saturday! xoxo

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