Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My pillow!

I seriously just have to let go...but it's so hard. I'm bothering myself with all these silly thoughts that are past, and I can't convince myself it's top of stupidity and that I'm a different person now. Why is that so impossible? Weekend was great, it was a change, I'm trying to keep myself going by crafting and drawing again. I came home from work and finished my pillow. It do help a little. Especially since the sewing needed three tries. I gave up two times, but then got back on track again. 

Ok, it turns out I'm suddenly all fragile today and making a pillow sort of helped. I've learned the popcorn stitches from Mollie Makes. Sorry I'm not doing a tutorial, maybe later. Do you like the colors? I really heart them! The yarn is Dale cotton, midi. (Maybe it's also called something else?) They have candy colors to die for. It also comes in mini. I used crochet needle 3,5. 

How is your day? What do you do to turn your mind around when it's acting silly? 

xoxo Tove

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