Saturday, October 18, 2014

Craft room part II

Now on to the opposite wall of my craft room. I continued to place paper sheets on the wall, both the bears and the one further down, with foxes, are bought in Berlin. The blue and white below here I unfortunately don't remember. I print inspirational illustrations from Pinterest. 

This is a string of lights I made from old lamps. I wrote about it in an older post here. Below, Mr.Fox, from Lieblingsplatz in Berlin. 

This framed paper used to hang in my kitchen, but I moved it here, together with the foxes. The light ball slings can be bought several places, but a top tip is to get the cheap from Asia on Ebay. 

Here you can see it all from a distance. More photos? Ok, one more of the pretty foxes!

Of course, I really want a pretty craft room, but the reason I started to re-organize was that my supplies was a mess, my system didn't work, and I wasn't able to find anything. I'm now really happy about how it turned out, and that will be part III, but you have to wait some days for that. I tried to photograph today, but it's raining, the weather is SO GREY, it wasn't possible to get decent photos. We're definitely moving towards November. 

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday, tomorrow the hockey season start for real. Can't wait!!


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