Friday, October 17, 2014

Craft room part I

I have posted craft room photos before, but finally I was able to put the walls together too! I  knew I wanted a collage above the piano, but how....? It needed to be baked some in my head first. Now I'm really, really happy with it, and I love looking at my wall while sitting in the cosy chair opposite. 

The big paper flowers used to hang in my bed room, but had to be taken down when the new windows were installed. I decided to move them to this spot here, were there's a chimney inside the wall, and a perfect little corner for some color. 

I wanted different structures and different colors on my wall, so some pics are framed, some are just hung with washi and pins. I even hung a small crochet work I made last summer. The pelican is a watercolor by Michelle Morin, her work is truly beautiful. You can find her Etsy shop here

Inspired by the Mollie Makes wedding special I wanted some flowers on my wall. (I'm not getting married, I already am sort of married, at least we threw the party, and I'm very happy with having tied the knot in our own way, but I bought the magazine since it had so much fab decorating inspiration). So, these are IKEA fake flowers. I just removed the stems and fastened the flowers on the wall with small pins. 

When it comes to paper, I'm crazy about it. I can't have enough, and most of the time it's too pretty to use. I had several rolls of paper laying around just looking sweet, and I thought, hm, maybe I can put them on my wall? Well, I did. And it worked out. These apples I bought in Berlin, I think in Kastanienallee in a small shop. I adore it. As my last post showed, I can never have enough apples. My camera collection is just for fun, but most of them do function and I have film for them. Will dig more into that some day. Some day...

The old school desk I had been searching for a while. Not that I don't also want an old wooden 50ies school desk. I treasure school stuff, there's just something about it... This desk, and the chair (bought separately, at flea markets) are perfect for me. I often sit here when I write, as it gets me in the right mood. Now the apples add to it a lot. 

In the corner, some books. I'm working on the books, after I said goodbye to my shelfs (I didn't really say goodbye, they're down in the basement), my books are all over. (I had the shelfs for 15 years or something, I needed a change!). IKEA has the stuff I need, but they aren't in shops for sale yet, so I'm waiting.... But that's my wall. Happy? It does make me smile a lot:)

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