Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beautiful, beautiful autumn!

Today Maria and I went on a road trip to Ingierstrand. Both to practice driving, and to really feel and breath the fabulous weather we suddenly got.... Early this morning it was raining non-stop, but then it all took a very pleasant turn...

Ingierstrand is Oslo's fab modernist bath, build in 1931 and newly restored. A treasure, very popular in summer. The restaurant (above) has also re-opened, after being closed down for decades. 

Marvelous Oslo! One of our most famous modernist icons. Below Maria is testing the 1931 staircase. 

After Ingierstrand we drove on to Hvervenbukta and Stubljan, where there once stood a fabulous manor, that sadly burned down in 1913, but some of the magnificent trees in the garden are preserved, as well as some smaller houses, and not to mention the gazebo by the sea. It is now listed and will be preserved. 

The blacksmith's house. Or the gardeners. The information on the sign was a bit schizophrenic...

We concluded with a cup of hot chocolate, as every good Norwegian seeking nature. My Sunday couldn't have been any better. And now Trym is back from the cottage too, we will just relax and have some meringues from yesterday. 

xoxo have a great Sunday evening! 

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