Friday, October 31, 2014

The last few days...

Yes, my plan was to share more projects than just the sewing machine with you, but the weather is so terrible, I'm not able to photograph anything at the moment, my flat is dark and shady, blah..... Will try again tomorrow morning! But, a sewing machine isn't all that bad is it, actually, it's very, very lovely. I got this from my mother in law some years ago, now it's been stored at my mum for a while, but finally I could take it home. It's working, but I guess I won't be using it that much, as I do have a modern, fancy one, but it's just so pretty to look at and that makes me very, very happy! I guess my living room is always in motion, I'm never totally satisfied, now I'm circulating my stuff again, waiting for IKEA to  get me the shelfs and boxes I want. "Not for sale yet". "No clue when they will be". So, I'm waiting, and here's some photos from the last couple of days. 

It finally stopped raining, and I went to Apalveien to photograph modernism. Then I found this house. Love it just as much as the cubistic bungalows!

Thursday morning I went swimming. Suburb sunrise!

While you're stuck in traffic, it's possible to photograph 50ies architecture. NB I stress, only when you're stuck, and know you won't be moving your car for a long while! I'm not using my phone beyond the wheel, no way, never!

Thrift shopping at Sinsen brukthall. I didn't buy a piano or a typewriter, but I did buy a beautiful chair. But, as mentioned, I was trying to photograph it, and......yes, alright!

I also had a little photo safari at Tøyen. When I didn't photograph architecture, I found the most magnificent street art, and a nice little backyard, with a Kombi bike. Photos taken in Schübelers gate. 

More street art, from Jens Bjelkes gate. Below is some 50ies magic, Gruegata. 

It appeared time stood still in Gruegata. 

To end our little journey, here's some urban gardening from Sommerfrydløkken. It's a public park, but the garden is left alone, no one destroys or eat what's not theirs. I'm really glad things like this exist, it really makes Oslo a more colorful place! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The last months in pictures

My plan was to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep... So, early morning post it is instead! I put together the collages from the past months, everything from summer in Fredrikstad to autumn at Høybråten - all my 365-photos, and a few more. My garden and my crocheting is developing and coming to a conclusion. Chestnuts are here. Schools starting. Back to work. Going to Bruxelles. Cat sweater. Buying a car. Eating crab chips. Buying books and magazines. Organizing. I like doing 365 as it's forcing me to be a little creative, even when everything is c***. Today I'm leaving work early, I have lots of plans, will share this evening. Have a wonderful friday everybody!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crochet therapy

Yes, when you're having a hard time, a rough day, nothing beats some knitting or crocheting. My popcorn pillow was finished some time ago, as you know, and my flower pillow is slowly coming together. I need a few more flowers still. Soon I will decide what color of fabric that will go with the white and pink. But not yet....not yet:)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Broadleaf cattail


Tinto 1848+D-Type Plate


Tinto 1848+C-Type Plate

Sergio+Maximus LXIX (a bit too much foggy filter for my taste)




I love broadleafs so much. I can't get enough of them. Even though it's October, we still have tons of them, not far from Grorud train station. I went there with my iPhone and Hipstamatic app. I also brought my SLR, but I took like two photos and realized I wanted filters. All sorts. I have listed the different combos of Hipstamatic lenses and films under each picture. The first set are all different. Then I did some series:


Tinto 1848+C-Type Plate




And some singles again:

Diego+Blanko C16



Buckhorst+Ina's 1969


Hipstamatic makes me ridiculously happy. Do you use it?