Friday, September 19, 2014



Yesterdays photos were really non-stressfull. Today I continue my stressing down. More Twin Peaks and chocolate cake. I was so contend when I got back from driving yesterday that I made a chocolate cake in a swirl, at 21.30 in the evening. It's the easiest cake ever, will share the recipe. It says: "Melt the butter, add the rest". Anyway, it was a very nice day, as we also got the detailed results from last weeks relay, and my time was really good. As I wrote, we run with the men, and still I was eight out of twenty two on my lap, and some times were shared, so in reality I had the fifth best time. I was jumping up and down, but that was until I checked the ladies, and realized that on my lap...I was the fastest of all! OMG! That really made my day! And together with a good driving session, it called, actually it shouted, for chocolate cake. I also bought my fave eco potato chips today, so now we're ready for weekend. (Forgot to photograph the chips before I sat down though, and now I'm too lazy to get up....). I guess I should post photos of myself too, like other bloggers, but I'm not a good photo object these days. I look so moron every time I try, jeeeeeez louise, there's no hope. Maybe tomorrow? Trym and I are off to the local flea market. Can't wait!! 

Next week my flat will be turned upside down, as the windows are replaced and for the carpenters to get some space, I must move the furniture away. Death! I'm so not looking forward to it, so I'm posting some photos now, while everything's still presentable. 

I have yarn, and two unread magazines. There will be weekend! (These are the pile from back in the days. Great to have a backlist for rainy days:) 

Hope you all enjoy some time off. Hope to find something fun tomorrow, will post. xoxo

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