Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunny Monday

Mornings are a bit chilly, I can wear my boots and my scarf and my gloves and my coat, and of course my pink bag. Then, just a few small hours later the sun is shining lovely, and when I was out during my lunch break, I could resist a strawberry yoghurt ice cream. Yum! Autumn+summer....I don't know if I should be worried about the weather being so nice, or if I should just enjoy it...

During my lunch I also did a quick visit to one of my favorite stores, Norway Design. I didn't shop much, just some paper bags and pencils, though I love all their stuffed toys. I look at them and get really inspired. I feel like I want to make something similar myself. 

As I wrote earlier, last week was hard and exhausting, on the train on my way home from work friday I gave in and had some foccaccia and chocolate milk. It was so good. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself a little extra. Now I feel good again. Good food shouldn't be shuttered at lol

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