Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday chill

It's been a hard week! I need these two days to just relax and recover, and the sunny weather is really helping. Cat is dreaming upside down, two meter long on the sofa. I got some new plants from IKEA, but didn't find the energy to properly place them yet. I also bought this lovely glass tray, but by now it's empty. I'm imagining buttons, pearls or whatever colorful. Don't you think it will look gorgeous? 

On Tuesday, all the windows in my flat were replaced, and I also got a new door out to the back. I'm surprised how much I love it, the living room is so much lighter now, the old door/window only had glass on the top half. I'm not hanging the curtain back up, I' going to keep it like this. I also moved the drawer that was placed under the old window, now I prefer the space to be open and free. 

The window replacement was exhausting, as my flat was a war zone, with all the furniture moved away and dust everywhere, and it was also SO COLD, as all the windows were out and the front door was open, the wind and autumn weather was blowing right through the flat. I was sitting with blankets and jackets, drinking several cups of hot chocolate and afterwards I had to turn the heat on in every room, as the flat was raw as a basement. Maybe it was then I caught the small cold I was feeling yesterday. Fall is here, but I actually like that. I dug out my gloves that I knitted last year, and my big scarfs. Today I wore my gloves with my denim jacket for the first time and that's an image I have carried in my head since they were made: gloves+denim jacket. That makes me happy!

Next: Three photos of my essential chillin-stuff for the weekend. Mac, iPad, crocheting book+yarn bag, magazines. 

I also found a recipe for garlic and mozzarella bread that sounds delicious. Will try it before the weekend is through. Here's the link:)

As I said, it hasn't been a very good week, but on the other hand, it also has. Bad, good and very exhausting. The highlight was receiving the best present from the best kids I know. Thank you Vilde and Mathias, we definitely need to make a skull cake now! And I do have the best friends ever, that really takes good care of me, and the best boyfriend, who eats candy with me when life feels like death, and never fails to cheer me up with our sick humor. We're watching Twin Peaks still, who's a good cure for everything, but now we have reached the point were the Laura Palmer-mystery is solved, and the story is just rambling in every loose direction. But, enjoyable, still, though not as brilliant as the first part. 

I also dyed my hair earlier this week, I didn't like the last, blonde attempt, it was too white, almost with a shade of green (though the box told me differently...) so now I went darker. Maybe a little too dark, but I like it, it looks more natural. What else happened this week? I bought a remote for my SLR, I haven't had much energy to test it, but I will. I also went book shopping on this morning, I had a gift card from my birthday. Now I can't wait for my goods to arrive. Will maybe do some Ebay-shopping later too. I want some more small Totoro stuff for my car! 

Now I have some more photos to look through. I truly hope you all have a very relaxing and inspiring weekend. 

xoxo Tove

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