Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh my, there's no time....

...I'm so sorry for being silent for a few days, life just flies and I didn't even look at my Mac since Sunday. Monday we bought a car. Really! My first car! Hopefully I'll soon be allowed to drive it too... Tomorrow I'm off to Bruxelles with work, won't be back until sunday afternoon, so I will be blogging a little from my iPad, though the photos always turns out somewhat strange then. Hope you can live with it. We're only allowed a limited amount of luggage, so I think I'll leave my computer at home. I hardly saw Trym the last few days, so no gym practice for me today, we're having boyfriend-girlfriend time with candy and Twin Peaks, we've started re-watching our DVD-box. It's so good. It's just SO good!

Today I'm posting some of the collages I've made of everyday life-photos during 2014. (I realise some of the motives appear more than once, but bear with me). I'm posting one photo every day at Instagram and it has challenged me to be a little creative, even when I don't feel like it. (My Instagram is Tovetyll, if you like to see my photos there). To edit, I use the FrameMagic app, but there are several options out there for making collages. 

Hope you all have a good day, I'll try to post pretty photos from the great Belgium!

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