Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oh dear, don't forget to breath...

...I'm back home. I'm so sorry more blogging from Bruxelles didn't happen, the quality of the photos uploaded from my phone or iPad turns out so depressing, I just skipped it. It feels like I abandoned everything right now. No knitting, no sewing, no writing. I'm still in the learning-to-drive-vacuum. I'm crashing on the sofa after work, trying to convince myself I'll make it, I'll pass, and I will, yesterday I brought our car home, I have a car, how crazy is that, and it'll help me the last, remaining weeks. But then I'm only thinking about the car. I want to drive it all the time, and I'm not allowed too. I go to work, I go back home, I go to practice, thinking about driving. I'm not sitting down at my desk relaxing, surrounded by pretty things like washi tape and stickers. I don't take much photos, I didn't speak to my Mac in days. 


....now I am! I have an hour before hockey practice (driving, with my friend:p) and I've been snapping a little around the house, and it feels so neat to have something sweet to post again. I really need to take this time. My calendar is sooooooo full, so packed, but I still need to produce something. Read, be with Trym, stretch.... Will share some photos:

Shopping from Bruxelles. Not much, as all money goes into...you guessed it, driving lol, but some books and stickers I couldn't resist. The gift is off to a sweet teenage girl that's my little friend since long ago, she's soon celebrating her confirmation. 

Can't wait to see Japan with Trym. I even found a marvelous, fabulous, magnificent book about abandoned places in the favorite country I haven't visited yet. 

Some flea market finds from the Saturday I visited my father in Tønsberg. It was all 5 kr each, what a bargain! I love the clear glass container, it reminds me of the 30ies storage jars for fridges, that now costs unmentionable amounts of money in the second hand stores, so I was really happy to find this that could almost pass as one. The apple mug is Lotta Kühlhorn, one of Swedens coolest graphic designers. Trym gave it to me. Wow. Just wow. And love!

Some photos from my creative space, where I'm blogging right now. As I said, it doesn't feel good not producing anything, but I got my newest issue of Mollie Makes in the mail a few days ago, and the DIY feather necklace that came with it is a perfect project. I also read that knitting reduces stress significantly and so I just knit a lot the day of my driving test. Knitting. Knitting, too bad I can't knit and drive. 

I also realized, while cleaning the place up, much needed, that I have an impressing collection of pink nail polish. This is not all. There is more...

Two Instagram-photos. Yup, it's the car. The famous car, outside my kitchen window. And my fake plant. And below, my bicycle. Don't worry love. I won't abandon you!

Hotel Ibis, Bruxelles. My state of confused stressed out happiness; so glad to be home with Trym now, can't wait to see him this evening. Yesterday I went swimming in the morning. Feel like doing it again tomorrow. Will breath. Random bla bla bla I know, but that's me right now. Hope you are all well tonight. I'm at least back blogging. At the moment it feels like pure therapy!


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