Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Need to relax...

I realized yesterday evening how stressed out I really am. I'm running back and forth, trying to squeeze in as much driving as possible, working, playing hockey...but in the end my driving ends up stressed too, and I loose all my confidence and don't know if I will ever manage. I decided to skip gymnastics today, just staying at home with Trym, eating meat and squash-pie, watching Twin Peaks and just breath. I'm not practicing any driving tonight, and it's perfectly alright. Saturday, I got back from two hockey games, I bought a bottle of sparkling water, put in the fridge to cool it down....and forgot it. It only appeared in my mind again yesterday. I bought this sparkling apple water because I really had an urge for it, and afterwards didn't spare it a thought until three days later! Crazy! 

I snapped some photos from my day.... I went vegetable shopping, and also dropped by my fave Asian store. And don't let the gym ball fool you. I didn't work out in a while lol:D

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