Thursday, September 11, 2014

High on relay!

I just got home, will sit down for 20 min or so, then I'm off to hockey practice, and I'm exhausted, but in the best way, as I just got back from Avløpet, the yearly held relay of Vann- og avløpsetaten (How do I translate this? I have no clue!) It was our first time participating with a team from Oslo's cultural heritage management office, and it was so much fun. Just so so so much fun. We just barely managed to put a team together, three girls and two boys, (our office is not exactly the best of sporty ha ha) and since we were a mixed team, we had to compete with the men, but it didn't matter, we were in it for the....yes, fun! Of course, the Oslo fire men's team won by a mile, but we didn't finish last, and it was just so! Again:):) I ran the last leg, very cool, and now we're already planning for next year. Whoa! 

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