Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall is beautiful!

Fall is always magical, with the low sunlight and trees with leafs of fire. Old photographs are also magical, so I've collected some of the best autumn photos from, the website with historic photographs from Oslo. Hope you like them, the oldest dates from 1902, the newest from 1980. Can you spot which is what? 

The colors in old photographs have a special softness to them. 

Lots of these were taken downtown Oslo, in Slottsparken, at Karl Johan and Drammensveien, but some don't have any information, so we can only guess. 

Oslobilder is a treasure chest to the past, I will share more and more photos from their database, that's for sure! 

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Ann-Mari said...

Nå fikk jeg lyst til å finne frem kåpe og hatt! :)