Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn outfit - and how not to photograph it!

Happy Sunday everyone! I feel much better now, sun, crocheting and relaxation is really a cure to recommend, and I thought I'd post some of yesterdays photos, bad as they are, since as we all know, it can only get better! I wrote about the remote I bought for my SLR. Well, I've been testing. I love fall, in a different way that I love summer, because I really, really, really love and crave summer, hot temperatures and swimming, but I also heart fall with its woolen sweaters and thick scarves, and so I attempted to photograph my fall outfit, before the really heavy jacket wearing kicks in. 

Ok, I didn't dwell much before I started, I just threw myself onto the lawn and started clicking. Afterwards, I realized quite a few things and I must say I have photographer a lot during my time, one could maybe expect me to have foreseen these problems, but no. A bit embarrassing ha ha. But well, here we go! 
First: Pay attention to the shadows. You just don't photograph in the crazy shadows, but I did still lol. Didn't think of it at all! At least I'm still sort of visible. Maybe it's a good thing you can't see me that well. My posing is crazy too. And I have to hold the remote. At least I look quite contend in these first two photos. You should have seen all the photos that are totally useless, these are among the better. Oh

Yes, the shadows. Too dark photos, then I tried to adjust the exposure and the contrast and the picture looked worse than ever - all acid green, with parts that are exposed so much they actually don't have any color at all. This is really a very, very bad photo. Unless you feel like being high-on-something;)

Here I'm moving towards the camera. I'm closing my eyes. I'm in the dark. Maybe I'm not even totally in focus. At least you can see the outfit up close, that's something. 

I guess there's nothing else to do but to laugh about it. I cut off my feet. And what about all the photos I threw away, where I look like I'm in contact with some unknown object in outer space. Or just looks very skeptical into the lens. "Is this remote really working?" "Ok, how close do I have to go?" "Ok, it's not working now?" "How about now?" "How do I look?" "Must pose." "Pose" "Oh crap...."

To summarize I could maybe say that a good preparation can save any photo shoot. Pay attention to the light, and when shooting yourself, don't think too much. Your forehead will wrinkle up and you'll end up like the mad professor. Just smile and relax. Or just photograph your shoes. It never fails. Never! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!! xoxo

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