Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Love you!

Trym gave me flowers. I don't have to say anything more, it's the most beautiful thing he can do for me, I heart flowers so much. 

Autumn together! You+I!

Fall colours

Sooooo beautiful, isn't it? Actually the trees and the grass are still really green for it being October tomorrow, but then autumn will be with us for even longer. I love trees. I love leafs and berries and nature, I love the light, I'm soaking in every minute. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

What I bought today....

The paper bags, as written about earlier, from the paper department of Norway Design. I've been looking for a way to store my Letraset Tria markers for years, I have a lot of them, and I don't like any of the cases that are available. I've been keeping them in a box, big mess. In a pink paper bag, big mess. In another box, still big mess. Maybe this is the solution? I really heart the pattern of the bags, and I'm able to separate the markers by color. Of course, I could keep them in jars....but as much as I love working the the Tria's, I don't like how they look. (I know, I'm disturbed, I keep my DVDs in a locker, I can't bear to keep them visible in my living room, they're so plastic-ugly lol). Now I need to find a good spot in my craft room for my paper bag Tria storage. Do you like it? How do you store your drawing equipment? 

Sunny Monday

Mornings are a bit chilly, I can wear my boots and my scarf and my gloves and my coat, and of course my pink bag. Then, just a few small hours later the sun is shining lovely, and when I was out during my lunch break, I could resist a strawberry yoghurt ice cream. Yum! Autumn+summer....I don't know if I should be worried about the weather being so nice, or if I should just enjoy it...

During my lunch I also did a quick visit to one of my favorite stores, Norway Design. I didn't shop much, just some paper bags and pencils, though I love all their stuffed toys. I look at them and get really inspired. I feel like I want to make something similar myself. 

As I wrote earlier, last week was hard and exhausting, on the train on my way home from work friday I gave in and had some foccaccia and chocolate milk. It was so good. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself a little extra. Now I feel good again. Good food shouldn't be shuttered at lol

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn outfit - and how not to photograph it!

Happy Sunday everyone! I feel much better now, sun, crocheting and relaxation is really a cure to recommend, and I thought I'd post some of yesterdays photos, bad as they are, since as we all know, it can only get better! I wrote about the remote I bought for my SLR. Well, I've been testing. I love fall, in a different way that I love summer, because I really, really, really love and crave summer, hot temperatures and swimming, but I also heart fall with its woolen sweaters and thick scarves, and so I attempted to photograph my fall outfit, before the really heavy jacket wearing kicks in. 

Ok, I didn't dwell much before I started, I just threw myself onto the lawn and started clicking. Afterwards, I realized quite a few things and I must say I have photographer a lot during my time, one could maybe expect me to have foreseen these problems, but no. A bit embarrassing ha ha. But well, here we go! 
First: Pay attention to the shadows. You just don't photograph in the crazy shadows, but I did still lol. Didn't think of it at all! At least I'm still sort of visible. Maybe it's a good thing you can't see me that well. My posing is crazy too. And I have to hold the remote. At least I look quite contend in these first two photos. You should have seen all the photos that are totally useless, these are among the better. Oh my....lol

Yes, the shadows. Too dark photos, then I tried to adjust the exposure and the contrast and the picture looked worse than ever - all acid green, with parts that are exposed so much they actually don't have any color at all. This is really a very, very bad photo. Unless you feel like being high-on-something;)

Here I'm moving towards the camera. I'm closing my eyes. I'm in the dark. Maybe I'm not even totally in focus. At least you can see the outfit up close, that's something. 

I guess there's nothing else to do but to laugh about it. I cut off my feet. And what about all the photos I threw away, where I look like I'm in contact with some unknown object in outer space. Or just looks very skeptical into the lens. "Is this remote really working?" "Ok, how close do I have to go?" "Ok, it's not working now?" "How about now?" "How do I look?" "Must pose." "Pose" "Oh crap...."

To summarize I could maybe say that a good preparation can save any photo shoot. Pay attention to the light, and when shooting yourself, don't think too much. Your forehead will wrinkle up and you'll end up like the mad professor. Just smile and relax. Or just photograph your shoes. It never fails. Never! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!! xoxo

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday chill

It's been a hard week! I need these two days to just relax and recover, and the sunny weather is really helping. Cat is dreaming upside down, two meter long on the sofa. I got some new plants from IKEA, but didn't find the energy to properly place them yet. I also bought this lovely glass tray, but by now it's empty. I'm imagining buttons, pearls or whatever colorful. Don't you think it will look gorgeous? 

On Tuesday, all the windows in my flat were replaced, and I also got a new door out to the back. I'm surprised how much I love it, the living room is so much lighter now, the old door/window only had glass on the top half. I'm not hanging the curtain back up, I' going to keep it like this. I also moved the drawer that was placed under the old window, now I prefer the space to be open and free. 

The window replacement was exhausting, as my flat was a war zone, with all the furniture moved away and dust everywhere, and it was also SO COLD, as all the windows were out and the front door was open, the wind and autumn weather was blowing right through the flat. I was sitting with blankets and jackets, drinking several cups of hot chocolate and afterwards I had to turn the heat on in every room, as the flat was raw as a basement. Maybe it was then I caught the small cold I was feeling yesterday. Fall is here, but I actually like that. I dug out my gloves that I knitted last year, and my big scarfs. Today I wore my gloves with my denim jacket for the first time and that's an image I have carried in my head since they were made: gloves+denim jacket. That makes me happy!

Next: Three photos of my essential chillin-stuff for the weekend. Mac, iPad, crocheting book+yarn bag, magazines. 

I also found a recipe for garlic and mozzarella bread that sounds delicious. Will try it before the weekend is through. Here's the link:)

As I said, it hasn't been a very good week, but on the other hand, it also has. Bad, good and very exhausting. The highlight was receiving the best present from the best kids I know. Thank you Vilde and Mathias, we definitely need to make a skull cake now! And I do have the best friends ever, that really takes good care of me, and the best boyfriend, who eats candy with me when life feels like death, and never fails to cheer me up with our sick humor. We're watching Twin Peaks still, who's a good cure for everything, but now we have reached the point were the Laura Palmer-mystery is solved, and the story is just rambling in every loose direction. But, enjoyable, still, though not as brilliant as the first part. 

I also dyed my hair earlier this week, I didn't like the last, blonde attempt, it was too white, almost with a shade of green (though the box told me differently...) so now I went darker. Maybe a little too dark, but I like it, it looks more natural. What else happened this week? I bought a remote for my SLR, I haven't had much energy to test it, but I will. I also went book shopping on Amazon.com this morning, I had a gift card from my birthday. Now I can't wait for my goods to arrive. Will maybe do some Ebay-shopping later too. I want some more small Totoro stuff for my car! 

Now I have some more photos to look through. I truly hope you all have a very relaxing and inspiring weekend. 

xoxo Tove

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I'm so sorry I'm a bit silent, will blog better tomorrow. But I do have some photos of straw that I heart. They were taken this April, down at Larkollen, Østfold. 

xoxo wish you all the best night!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bunnybunny a long time ago

Sorry for some days silence, I have so much in my head, even if it's really only one focus (you know...the same old....), but I picked up a crocheting book at the library yesterday and right now I'm having a slow breakfast at home, while the carpenters are working all around me, and my new windows are going in. I found some old photos of my Bunnybunny love on my phone, what could be more fitting on a cold, september morning. He really loves his basket! And he doesn't at all look like this anymore, now he's so spotty and with fur everywhere. A fluffy rex in his more mature years. 

Hope you all have a great day! xoxo

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Harvesting my crop

A few days ago I decided it was time to say goodbye to my garden. Next year I'm starting a lot earlier, and will hopeful have even bigger vegetables, but aren't these the cutest carrots, beetroots, onions and spring onions you've seen? My bunny is of course also over the top happy with green, green and more green. The only thing I've got left now are my tomatoes. They have so many flowers all over that will turn into tomatoes, so I moved them inside, the nights are too cool for them now. Hopefully I can harvest tomatoes during autumn. 

Appears the very hungry caterpillar was here....

Friday, September 19, 2014



Yesterdays photos were really non-stressfull. Today I continue my stressing down. More Twin Peaks and chocolate cake. I was so contend when I got back from driving yesterday that I made a chocolate cake in a swirl, at 21.30 in the evening. It's the easiest cake ever, will share the recipe. It says: "Melt the butter, add the rest". Anyway, it was a very nice day, as we also got the detailed results from last weeks relay, and my time was really good. As I wrote, we run with the men, and still I was eight out of twenty two on my lap, and some times were shared, so in reality I had the fifth best time. I was jumping up and down, but that was until I checked the ladies, and realized that on my lap...I was the fastest of all! OMG! That really made my day! And together with a good driving session, it called, actually it shouted, for chocolate cake. I also bought my fave eco potato chips today, so now we're ready for weekend. (Forgot to photograph the chips before I sat down though, and now I'm too lazy to get up....). I guess I should post photos of myself too, like other bloggers, but I'm not a good photo object these days. I look so moron every time I try, jeeeeeez louise, there's no hope. Maybe tomorrow? Trym and I are off to the local flea market. Can't wait!! 

Next week my flat will be turned upside down, as the windows are replaced and for the carpenters to get some space, I must move the furniture away. Death! I'm so not looking forward to it, so I'm posting some photos now, while everything's still presentable. 

I have yarn, and two unread magazines. There will be weekend! (These are the pile from back in the days. Great to have a backlist for rainy days:) 

Hope you all enjoy some time off. Hope to find something fun tomorrow, will post. xoxo