Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer in pics

Tomorrow it's back to work and that means no more holiday, no long morning, no lazy-24hours-days, though I just as much as yesterday refuse to believe summer is over just yet. I have endless faith in indian summer, with warm evenings, sun, swimming and wearing short skirts for a while longer. It just has to be, right? I love my work and it will be fun to get started again, but this summer has been special, since it's been so hot, for the first time in years, I'm tan (can't remember I ever was this tan), and we had time to relax, not just spending all our time traveling, though it's fun too. We got to do everything we planned, though when thinking about all the books we planned to read, we came short, we managed just a few. 

I've put together some photos from late May till early August that pretty much sums up all the fun. May may see early, but when the heat hits and lilacs are out, then it's summer:) 

Amazing willow sculptures by Tom Hare, Botanical Garden, Oslo. Lilacs. My friend Kristins treats for lovely Thea's second birthday. Braided hair. Finally put the memory picture together. New skirt. New pillows for the craft room. Peonies, love them endlessly. Frognerbadet, Oslo, my favorite place to swim. 

Norwegian Wood festival: Arcade Fire. Flowers that look like stars. Lykke & Luna, I'm their sort-of-aunt! Organizing papers in the craft room. Hovedøya, the cafe has the loveliest decorations. New issue of Mollie Makes. Sheep spotted on my way to work. Boris Grebenshikov live. World cup football, so much fun, though Italy...well.....

Stockholm: Littlephant showroom, Jugend architeture, urban gardening and Park cinema. Lush veggies I wish I'd grown myself. My nail polish matches my suitcase. Fox sweater - favorite on chilly evening. Stockholm shopping. Abandoned house, Høybråten. 

My bike - eternal ove! Making meringues. Sewing a new friend. Digging out my DSLR. Cake for party. Drawing some. Crocheting some. My new trainers that actually makes me want to work out. Spending time with my best friends, and sweet, sweet Thea. 

Walking in the woods, mushroom spotting. Off to Tønsberg, with the bag I heart the most. Norwegian summer beach. Making paper flowers. Crocheting even more. Eating lots and lots of raspberries. Another abandoned house, Høybråten. Seeing mini-garden come to life. Eating ice cream and reading even more Mollie Makes. 

Having such nice friends from Germany visiting for dinner. Buying a Mac book pro - zillion hearts!! Stamping on fabrics. Staying outside so late, because it's so warm you just want to sit on the stairs and breath the summer air forever. Placing a birdie on my suitcase. Fake flowers going on the wall. Finishing up the re-organizing of the craft room. Exposing myself to trees. I just love trees! Sewing the lion. 

Apples are appearing in our garden. Drinking homemade smoothies. Making a bonfire, also in our garden. Cottage time. Taking boyfriend to Pocketbooth (the app, that is lol), Dresses on the bed, which one to choose? Sleeping outside, on a little island, by the sea. So quiet, so fresh, so relaxing in every aspect possible. And no insects. Must be the heat! Sandy beach. New dress. 

Organizing craft materials. Late summer, but still nature treasures to be found. Making pompom's. Fixing my bike at the best place in town - Dapper, Grünerløkka. Apples! Injuring myself in every way possible while swimming, but nothing serious at all, just the kind of bruises you long for during summer holiday. More trees! Of course, I'm addicted to my devices all summer long. Roses, flowers, can never have to many...

How was your summer? I do love the feeling of "getting back to school", especially buying stationary and maybe a new bag, so we'll see tomorrow... I'll pick the best from both worlds, summer and autumn do go together for some more weeks. 

Have a pretty, pretty sunday! xoxo

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