Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sleeping bag for my Mac

Finally I found time to sit down and sew. I've kept my Mac in the cardboard box it came in until now, but now it was time to make a sleeve for it. I spend some time deciding what fabric to use, and have come to terms with the fact that I can't decide, so I'll make two. This yellow treat is the first, the fabric is I'm afraid very old, bought at Åhlens ages ago, and I wish I bought several meters more, now I'm soon out. The texture is lovely, I think it's linen. On the inside the sleeve has light pink corduroy. I also made a pocket on the back for the chord and maybe other useful stuff, like my the endless notes I'm carrying around. Nowadays they're about Oslo's cinemas. I was going to write closed down, then I realized my plan is to write about all of them, not just those who are closed down, but then again I realized they're mostly closed down all of them so what's the difference. It's a miracle we have any cinemas left. Anyway, I still love my Mac to death, I love how smooth it feels when I write, I love that Helvetica comes with it, I love how the keyboard lights up and the way it sounds.... I know, I'm probably nuts, but, I love my Mac, and it was about time I started sewing. It's not hard to make your own sleeve, and I could make a tutorial, but I don't have to, because the sewing blog Stitched by crystal already did it for me. You can find her tutorial here

Now I'm off to bed, I'll of course share the next sleeve with you as well. It will be light blue and brown, maybe with a red flower. 

Have a good night, xoxo

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