Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rainbow meringues

This is not a tutorial on how to do meringues, I can of course do one later, but right now I just wanted to share this color explosion with you. I got some new Wilton color pastes for my birthday, and had to try them immediately, since I saw really colorful meringues in a book earlier this summer I had this image of bright yellow and orange meringues in my head that wouldn't go away. 

To get the marble effect, don't use your food processor to blend in the color. Use a spoon or a fork and just blend carefully in circles until the color look like a spiral. Use the same spoon and forks to place the meringues on the baking trays. Again, be careful so the pattern don't disappear, use your finger to help slide it off. 

What's also important is to not use ordinary food coloring. You must use the much stronger paste, otherwise you won't get any color at all. 

Just have fun and experiment. Maybe it's possible to blend two or more colors? Will try that next time!

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