Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just want to share....

...though I don't usually post these kind of photos... Photos? This is a stack of jeans. I bought several new jeans in Stockholm, they were most needed. Below is some photos of myself in jeans size 27. I've never in my life worn jeans in size 27. I used to buy 30+ something....  I'm now Lee size 28, Levis size 27. I'm not going to write a long and detailed post about how to loose weight, I just had to ramble a little bit about it, I managed, it makes me so happy. I was never big, never fat, just a little chubby and it made me want to do something. But, remember, it's not about loosing a lot of pounds. It's about eating healthy and feeling good. Then the rest will come:)

But size 27 or not....below is summer's favorite outfit. Now I think summer's officially over. Bye bye summer. Welcome fall! There will be an autumn outfit post in a few days. 

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