Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bunny love

On a Sunday, thought I'd share some photos of my dearest, little friend, who's helping out with yarn and fabrics and agrees to play in my colorful bed linen, but prefers to relax under the table. He's a gentleman of a distinct age now, ten years old, he's been with me for eight of them, and I remember how scared he was when I brought him home, he would hide in a corner, no way he wanted to say hello. Now he's enjoying life, cuddling by my side on the floor, cuddling nose-to-nose, running around my feet for ages. Ok, he's running a little less these days, but he's carrying his age well and I'll hopefully keep him for a few more years. 
Bunnybunny!!! I have all these pet names for him and talks to him in a marshmallow voice, he makes me too soft and full of motherly love. 

Aren't bunnies the sweetest pets? Remember, bunnies shouldn't be kept in small cages, bunnies should be able to run free most of the time. They can be litter trained like cats and they love to play. Give them tunnels, cardboard boxes, ladders to climb. Ideally bunnies should be kept in pairs. And did you know, rabbits shouldn't have too much carrot at all? Just small pieces now and then, carrots are like candy to their delicate stomachs. And the mixed food parcels you find filled with all kinds of junk but pellets? Don't buy them!!! A rabbit's diet should consist of hay, hay and more hay. Some green, more hay. Just a little pellets and a few treats. 

I could go on and on about this, but if you want to learn more, buy Marit Emilie Buseth's book: Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care. You can get it here. Marit Emilie is Norway's rabbit expert, she has educated so many in giving their rabbits better life. 
Her Norwegian book "Den store kaninboka" 's blog can be found here
I can't stress enough how much every rabbit owner should read Marit Emilie's books! You will experience a bunny awakening, and I'm not kidding!

Bunny love forever! Happy Sunday everyone:)


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