Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to work

It always takes a few days to really into the mojo again, doesn't it? I enjoy my work so much, and it was great to see all my colleagues after a long holiday, but I still can't let go of those lazy days completely, and though it's august and I have to put on my alarm every morning, I pretend to be summer some more. It helps to have a cosy office. It also helps to wear light clothes, eat lots of watermelon (and share it with you co-workers) and to ride your bike to work and know that after saving some cultural heritage, you'll be back home in the garden or by the sewing machine again. It's actually really satisfying to do both. I work at the Cultural Management office of Oslo, and our job is so important. We're trying to take care of our city and all it's valuable architecture. Right now I'm working on listing several building from the 50ies and 60ies, trying to preserve them for the future. Before you know it, some clever soul decides to throw away all the wooden doors and change the windows to something unrecognizable, and then what? All qualities gone for a blip! My boyfriend says I talk to much about houses. My colleagues says I'm all normal. Love to be surrounded by nerds like myself!

 Since I moved from the ordinary office chair and into this beauty, I never experienced any back pain or problems with my arms, as I used to. The lap top is also my friend. So is all my books. 

 I'm in charge of all the information work, I run our website, FB, and I photograph a lot. Some old camera gear made it to my office one day. Wish we were still using this, how fab would that be? (BTW, one never knows when one needs to dress up and wear pretty shoes!)

 And one never knows when the urge for hot chocolate attacks you. Be prepared! 

Are you back to work yet? Hope you're having a good time! 

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