Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to school - photo series

This week I was inspired to shoot a series of photos when I observed all the happy teenagers on the metro going back to school last Monday. I suspect they won't be all that giggly in a few days time, but you really could feel their energy and excitement. I kept photographing, and the middle photos are shot at the re-opening of Hersleb school after rehabilitation, with prime minister Erna Solberg present and balloons flying to the sky. The last two photos I shot on Friday. There's already been a week, back to reality. I found the intermission between the older boy and his little brother precious. 

I feel one of my missions as a photographer is to shoot and document Oslo's everyday life, it's pulse, friction and movement. I foresee these are the photos I'll be most happy I shot when I'm 95. 

Hipstamatic: Diego+Uchitel20 and Libatique 37+Rock BW-11

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