Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to office-shopping

No, I couldn't resist the back to office-shopping that my mind was longing for. I reached for my favorite shop, Norway Design, and didn't look back.... I didn't plan to buy an expensive bag, I'm spending all my money on learning to drive, but it was 50% off, it was now or never. I've been searching a brown leather bag for ages. I already own the baby blue twin sister, and I'm over the moon satisfied with it. I cashed out. have no regrets.

Norway Design (Stortingsgt.28, Oslo) has the most exquisite paper department. Papers of all kinds and structures, pens, pencils, tools for bookbinding, notebooks, postcards, bags, folders, stickers, washi tape.... the list goes on. Everything is such high quality, you just want to keep touch it, and smell it too. I have an obsessive thing for paper. (And yesterday I was actually scrapbooking again! Will share very soon!)

Crazy double exposing, sorry. Hipstamatic decided to take control of my phone;)

It's impossible not to love that store, right! (

Below is my shopping, sorry about the bad light, it was raining heavily, complete with lightning and thunder, (still is!)...

Stickers from Galison ( The artwork is by Quill & Fox design. Precious!

Paper from Paper & Cloth ( 

And finally I picked up the latest issue of Dutch Illustration and mindfulness magazine Flow. Thankfully they launch an international issue in English. (

Tomorrow I'll share some back-to-office-photos. Boyfriend and I will have a quiet, cosy inside evening, it's still raining, but the air is summer hot. Ice cream or hot chocolate? I still have some meringues in a box....

Are you back to school/work yet? What's your favorite stationary? 


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