Friday, August 1, 2014

Arne Jacobsen

Poster for cabaret at Bellevue theater, Klampenborg
Drawn by Arne Jacobsen

The famous dane, his chairs and interiors are his hottest features these days, but foremost Arne Jacobsen was a brilliant architect, master of shape, form, material and light, who managed to move through time, never letting go of what was really his. Still modern, the way he placed his buildings to be one with the existing landscape is something all architects should take notice of. Did you know he also made textile prints? Some of his patterns can still be bought today. 

I never grow tired of my huge book about guru Arne that I dragged home from a holiday in Copenhagen many years ago, giving my suitcase excessive kilos... These photos are random favorites from that very book. A voice inside my head tells me they won't be the last Arne Jacobsen photos on this blog. 

Munkegårdsskolen/Munkegård school, Søborg. 
The chair "Tongue" was drawn for the school and came in three sizes. 

City Hall, Århus 1937-42

Youth houses, Gentofte 1947-49
Flats for young, newly wedded couple no more than 30 y.o., with the 
possibility to stay for maximum five years

Munkegårdsskolen. Chair 3105 and desks drawn for the school.

Nyager school, Rødovre 1959-64

Nyager school, Rødovre 1959-64

Arne Jacobsen doing botanical studies for his fabric patterns in his 
garden at Klampenborg, ca.1960

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